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The final seat of the much-anticipated biggest poker event of the year, 2017 Super High Roller Bowl, has finally been taken. After much speculation, many thought the last player to join the playing field would be the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps. But instead, it’ll be another superstar that just a few days ago said he would make poker fun for everyone again, and he is the world-renowned actor and comedian, Kevin Hart.

As if Kevin Hart didn’t already have enough money, after earning a staggering $87.5 million in 2016, he’ll be facing off with some of the biggest names in poker, including the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Hellmuth, Brian Rast and Rainer Kemp at the Aria Resort & Casino in Law Vegas starting on May 28th for a chance at the $16 million prize pool.

“I love playing high stakes poker, and there’s no better competition than at the Super High Roller Bowl, the world championship of high stakes poker,” said Kevin Hart. “I am looking forward to all the support and positive vibes from my fans who will be tuning in through Poker Central to watch me stomp all over the competition.”

No doubt this year’s championship will be filled with the same exciting plays as we have come to expect from a player pool of world class talent, but with the addition of Kevin Hart and his light approach to poker, he will bring what the comedian brings to everywhere he goes on a daily basis, and that is fun and laughter.

Taking Poker To New Audiences Around The World

Wanting to “change the face of poker” and make the game “fun” again, Hart announced at a Saturday morning press conference he was partnering up with the world’s biggest poker site. Why? To make poker fun again, he said.

“I am going to make poker fun, and working with PokerStars will give me the poker platform I need to do this,” Hart said. “I’m glad there are all these poker pros here who I can compete with and take their money. But the best thing about poker is that anyone can play it, whether you’re making millions like Daniel Negreanu or just sitting around the kitchen table playing for coins.”

With the help of his 100 million plus followers on Instagram, Hart’s participation in this tournament will definitely bring a huge amount of interest from the mainstream media.

“I really do believe in bringing people closer together,” he said. “I Love the fact that poker is a game that can take people all over the world and sit them down at the table and give them the opportunity to engage, to converse, to get to know each other and walk away with relationships they never knew they could have. I Love to live, love and laugh. I want to bring this energy to the game of poker. And when I do this, poker will be elevated.”

Viewers around the world can watch Kevin Hart battle it out with 55 other world-class poker players on the first day of the tournament via live streams on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook Live. The remainder of the tournament will be streamed in entirety on Poker Central’s digital distribution channels.