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After adding to new stops in Cambodia to its national tour, the World Poker Tour (WPT) plans to make more ways in Asia. The WPT says it has partnered with an outfit called an Education Investment LTD., as part of its ongoing expansion program across the Asian continent. The WPT National Cambodia and the WPT National Thailand will be created by the new partnership.

Thailand Event Hold in Cambodia

Currently it’s illegal in Thailand to take part on activities, such as casino games, bingo and poker. Therefore neighboring Cambodia is chosen by the WPT to host the national event. It’s expected that a number of top players will make the trip, with these series just set to take place a week apart.

Cambodia was not only chosen to expand the WPT’s roster but also to meet Asia’s growing demand for poker, according to WPT’s Adam Pliska.

Despite China still posing a problem for operators, the poker market on the continent has boomed over the past few years. Other Asian countries and provinces are still thriving, and this will undoubtedly increase activity across the region, as well as the regulation of poker in China:

“At the start of September, the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup 2015 Red Dragon Main Event broke all previous records, after attracting 1,145 players. That figure topped the event’s prior record of 1,075, and sits as a clear sign that poker’s popularity in Asian countries continues to skyrocket.”

The WPT believes the time is right to add two events to its national tour, now that more local and international players are actually ready to travel across the continent to take part in poker tournaments. National tournaments are a chance for lower stakes players to shoot for a WPT title, as the main events are usually against buy-ins of $3,000+.

A Chance to Ante Up Give Asian Players an Extra Chance

While its Cambodian equivalent will have a price tag of $1,485, the other two events will follow a similar dynamic with WPT National Thailand’s main event costing of $1,100. Per day two re-entries per player will be offered as well and each tournament will have an affordable buy-in and three starting flights.

Before the cards start to fly the WPT will host two parties to ensure the event is as player friendly as possible. With smaller side events and cash games the festivals will be running around the clock.

The following two events will happen: