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This week, two of the biggest online poker brands have decided to make some changes to their products. 888 Poker’s Blast and PokerStars’ Sits & Gos have seen a few tweaks.

The new version of Blast poker will have three players at each table, rather than four players.  A representative from 888 Poker stated that the change was made because the brand wanted the games to start faster so that players wouldn’t be left waiting long in between games.

There have also been a few changes to the payout structure of 888’s Blast Poker games. Previously Blast games had multipliers of that were 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1,000x, and 10,000x the buy-in. Now, there is a new 3x multiplier and a 25x multiplier will replace the 1000x multiplier.

In addition, the players’ odds of hitting the prizes have been changed. The odds of winning the highest multiplier have decreased from 10 in one million to 1 in one million. Additionally, the odds of hitting a multiplier of 5x or less are now 91.4% versus the previous 95.9%.

Several other changes to odds of landing various multipliers, but they are all designed to provide a larger number of smaller payouts while making the higher payouts harder to obtain. This does enhance the excitement of the game while providing more players with payouts.

Spin & Go Adjustments

PokerStars has also made a number of changes to one of its most popular offerings. There are now new buy-ins, rotating games and a blind structure.

Ten buy-ins are still available – but a number of them have been reduced. For example, the $15 buy-in was reduced to $10 while the $60 buy-in is now $50.

There are number of changes to the special tournaments, too. The $2 million and $3 million prizes are no more, after one player landed the $2 million prize in a $5 tournament.

Although the huge jackpots are no longer available, PokerStars has geared its new Spin & Go changes towards providing players with a more enjoyable experience. With lower buy-ins, more players are able to join in the excitement of these thrilling single-table tournaments.

These types of games are quite new to the online poker world, and it’s great to see big brands working hard to make the necessary adjustments to provide the best experience possible for players. We’re sure players will benefit from the new structure to both of these popular online poker games.