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888Poker has been per cent both in the United States and beyond. The brand has definitely done a fair bit to give yourself some exposure and make sure that more people find out about poker, and not coincidentally, 888Poker itself. They follow in the footsteps of PokerStars, a company which has been adding some top-notch ambassadors to spread the good word.

The Poker Action Overseas

The company is spearheading its clout in Europe. That’s not surprising. Back in the States, we may have our multi-state poker, but Spain is only now merging its players with neighbouring France in a bid to bring higher sums to the competition.

The addition of Ana Marquez to 888Poker Euro Revolution is quite telling. Ana made a tentative appearance at 888Live in Bucharest, which was a sort of a pilot for both the brand and herself. She was quite comfortable during the event, notching up €2,200 High Roller for €26,080. She has also been known to be among the five best female players in Europe.

Of course, Ana Marquez has not been the only player to profess her love for the poker action that is taking place overseas. We have seen a string of players quite willingly throw their lot in with their European counterparts. To be perfectly honest though, many of the players who compete in the U.S are Europeans, to begin with.

Now Marquez has been joined by the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Main Event winner Marti Roca. Fernando Pons also made an appearance during the 888Live Barcelona. Marquez is now the third professional player to get involved.

Marquez managed the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed event, earning $61,117 in the process at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). It’s been one of her most significant winnings today, although the achievement in 2013 when she clinched $320,189 was rather more telling to begin with.

Overall, Marquez has won $1.2 million from playing tournaments and that’s definitely something that doesn’t come easily to a pro and a rookie alike.

Meanwhile in the New World

Meanwhile, the New World has been doing rather well. Phil Hellmuth got a minor reprimand during the WSOP Main Event because he had let his temper get the better of him. Well, Hellmuth is often in the habit of letting his feeling surface in an undirected torrent of rather negative emotions.

Rather robust in his language, Phil did a rather ungracious outburst which was immediately picked by the commentator Shaun Deeb and scolded on the spot. Deeb commented on both the unethical behavior and the flaw in the strategy. If your opponent has still to play, Deeb argued, it was utterly unwise to betray weakness.

It’s not surprising that tempers usually fray during high-stake games. Phil Hellmuth has been known for his temper but overall he has been an exemplary player and from what interviews we have seen, a rather well-spoken, humble chap. His boisterous behavior on the felt is the momentary anger of a player who should know better.

The outburst on the felt has been becoming common. Just recently Hawkins has been called the N-Word, with his opponent getting disqualified as a result.