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On ESPN Phil Hellmuth once comfortable exposed his bare stomach, so we know he isn’t shy away from a camera. During its second season, the Poker Brat will -fully clothed- make a cameo appearance on Billions, Showtime’s popular show.

One of the executive producers, for the show which will be most likely schedule to air sometime in 2017, is Brian Koppelman, who was one of the writers for the movie Rounders- the legendary poker movie. From more than 17,000 voters, the showed received an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb.

Hellmuth was recently featured on a show that chronicles the lives of poker’s biggest stars, Poker Central’s Pokerography series- as he loves the limelight. Even if he doesn’t make a deep run, Phil always is a central focus of the WSOP Main Event coverage each year.

“The 14-time bracelet winner, fresh off one of his most dissappointing WSOP’s ever, flew out to New York to make his cameo appearance. He didn’t release any details of his role, but he posted pictures on Twitter with cast members Malin Akerman, Maggie Siff, and Kelly AuCoin.”

Billion’s second season next year will be aired after the show aired 12 episodes on Showtime in 2016. Based on the life of a federal prosecutor of financial crimes, the show is an American television drama series.

TV and Film Starring Poker Players

One of the most popular players from the mid-2000s, David Williams, recently appeared on a competitive cooking show, Fox’s MasterChef. Thus, Hellmuth is not the only poker pro starring on TV.

Poker Central also featured a Pokerography on Daniel Negreanu. A documentary on Kid Poker is currently airing on Netflix with the name “Kid Poker”. With a cameo role in movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the six-time bracelet winner is no stranger to the big screen.

The most legendary poker movie of all-time is perhaps Rounders, in which Mike Mc Dermott (Matt Damon) bluffed the great Johnny Chan out of a pot.

After folding his hand, Chan asked:

“Did you have it”?

McDermott responded:

“I’m sorry, John, I don’t remember.”

Tough Summer Behind Us

No one in the history of the World Series of Poker has won more gold bracelets (14) than Phil Hellmuth. Nothing is more important- other than money.

At the 2016 WSOP, the Poker Brat only came as close as the 8th place finish in Event #48, the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Since his 2002 WSOP, this series was Hellmuth’s worst with three cashes only.

If it comes to Phil’s cameo role in Billions, we just hope it will be more successful than his appearance in the WSOP this summer.