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In recent months Tony G might have put political dust-ups ahead of swapped poker showdowns, but he couldn’t say no when the chance to play for big money on TV came around.

Thanks to his willingness to tackle sensitive issues with a direct and clear attitude, Tony G has become one of the leading lights in European politics over the last 12 months.

The former poker player has become like a star in the political world, since the Lithuanian has been elected to the European Parliament as a representative for the country’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats.

Rock Star in Politics

Thanks to his “charisma” and similarity to Donald Trump, he was listed among the 40 MEP’s who actually matter in back in May.

With a big money proposition for UK Mep, Nigel Farage, G was up to his old tricks again in June.

“As Brits were about to vote on whether they wanted to stay within the European Union (EU), G offered noted EU hater Farage a £1 million bet.”

It would have cost G a lot of money if he succeeded to pin Farage down to a bet about Britain voting to stay in the EU.

Poker Time is Always Around the Corner

Although G has little time to play poker like he used to with his political career going from strength-to-strength, a high stakes cash game in King’s Casino convinced him to take part on August 15.

For G, the cash game in one of his favorite casino was the perfect opportunity, as well as it’s part of a televised series featuring top players in the world.

In typically bullish fasion, G has been imposing his well while sitting alongside the likes of Igor Kurganov, Fedor Holz and Dan Cates.

G even tweeted a picture of the pair alongside King’s Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik after a heads-up game against WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart:

“I sent Ty Stewart on his bike after heads up battle-up up + away time to go”.

There’s no doubt the passion for the game is still there, unless the fact that G might not fully return to poker.

Eventually, we might get to see his antics a bit more in the upcoming months, at least, if he can win enough money in his latest outing.