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Partypoker has decided to change the way that online poker players gain entry into big tournaments. The poker room has done away with most satellites and has opted to introduce Tournament Dollars (T$) which will be making their debut on Sunday, October 27.

The new scheme will provide players with a number of Tournament Dollars whenever their receive prizes in a satellite tournament. This will replace the old way of doing things, where players were awarded a ticket into a specific event.

The idea behind Tournament Dollars is to provide players with more flexibility. Say, for example, you won entry into a big event via satellite – but you couldn’t make it. Unless you were able to sell that ticket, it would simply be lost. You might also earn entry into in a tournament that your just on’r really want to play in once the day arrives. With Tournament Dollars at PartyPoker, those issues won’t arise.

A similar concept was introduced earlier this year, when partypoker launched LIVE $$$ in April. This currency allows players to purchase entry into partypoker LIVE events, as well as travel and other expenses associated with these tournaments. They turned out to be so popular that partypoker decided to expand the concept of the currency into its regular tournament lobby. The hope is that Tournament Dollars will prove to be just as popular as LIVE $$$.

Players can use their tournament dollars to purchase entry into any online poker tournament at partypoker. The currency is completely flexible, so players can choose to mix and match which tournaments they spend their Tournament Dollars on. So, for example, if you have T$200, you could buy your way into one $100 event, two $25 events and one $50 event.

Still, if you’re a big fan of the way satellites currently work at partypoker, they won’t go away altogether. You will still be able to earn tournament tickets from satellites in the traditional way for certain Power Series events on the site.

While this isn’t a completely new concept in the world of online poker, satellite tickets have been more popular option in recent years. So, with the introduction of Tournament Dollars, partypoker has the potential to really shake things up. It will be very interesting to see how players respond to the change and if any other developers will follow suit and adopt a similar approach.