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The Coolbet Open Main Event is a relaxed poker occurrence with all the gravity of a WSOP festival. The prize pools are very palpable indeed and Nicolai Aubert, a European professional, seems primed to clinch the title that matters.

Coolbet Open Main Event – A European Affair

The €550 Coolbet Open Main Event is taking place and Nicolai Aubert seems to be comfortably ahead of the pack. To think that he had an easy task would be wrong. The festival attracted 589 participants who were all very determined to progress. However, Mr. Aubert has been successfully sending opponents to the rail while comfortably progressing ahead.

Held at the Olympic Park Casino, the event has outpaced similar international event in terms of participation. If Mr. Aubert manages to clinch the title and top the competitors in the final table, he will be looking at solid $74,400 as his first-place reward. Meanwhile, players who managed to break into the third day shouldn’t be too concerned, as they will be offset for their troubles with $2,300 on average.

Today, it’s Mr. Aubert who is at the helm of the pack sitting on top of 1,611,000 chips and making a very serious claim on the prize money. Other competitors who may contest Mr. Aubert’s dominance are Mathias Siljander from Finland with 1,500,000 to his name.

Meanwhile Fredrik Karvall from Sweden is at 1,340,000 and the Norwegian player, Daniel Sandnes is sitting at 1,242,000. The Estonian Meelis Meliste is looking at 1,100,000. From the numbers, we can see that while Mr. Aubert’s lead is not so significant, especially when contesters have been known to overcome five-to-one chip deficit.

Sifting through the 580-odds contenders wasn’t difficult. Even though the buy-in was rather significant, all participants seemed rather determined to carry on and dispatch of as many opponents as they could.

This of course cost them dearly. Quite the handful of notable professionals were also dropped out of the race very early on. Vegard Dahl came in as the chip leader but his ambitions were cut short.

Rauno Tahvonen was also eliminated rather early and Sebastian Wahl was also forced. Interestingly enough, Wahl was the winner of the first Coolbet Open Main Event, but this time around he couldn’t break beyond the great crucible in which all players’ fortunes are churned. Wahl may be a low-profile gamer, but he has already amassed $210,000 in live earnings.

Interestingly enough, the runner-up in the previous edition, Sander van Wesemael also seemed to lose his foothold and disappear from the race at the near beginning.

Even though the tournament hasn’t experimented with new formats, Coolbet’s latest edition has clearly been one of the most notable poker pow-wows to date. The coverage of the event and the organization itself have been quite exceptional.

With a fair buy-in, the event quickly marketed itself as worthy of the top professionals of the poker scene and the fact that some of the best Europeans visited and intend to return is proof enough for the staying power of a fairly-new competition.

The event has made itself widely accessible via YouTube and Facebook, allowing fans and gamers to tune in and watch at their discretion.