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Popular poker platform 888 has decided to bring around a new $1 million tournament for its namesake website. The tournament stands out by being a progressive jackpot competition that will give players a chance to participate and enjoy one of the most significant online poker events.

Online iGaming company 888 may not have been as far-reaching when it comes to poker as some of its other opponents, including partypoker and PokerStars. However, the platform has managed to hold its end quite well, adding an array of exciting events to keep the player base quite satisfied with the offer. Back in the summer, it helped sent quite a few players to one of the most epic poker events, the WSOP where John Cynn won $8.8 million.

This is precisely what will happen on October 11 when 888poker will introduce its progressive jackpot tournament. Similar to knockout tournaments, players will be eager to eliminate each other.

However, instead of just bagging someone’s chips, each victory will fetch players a bigger bounty on their head, which will in turn make them a rather more desirable target to eliminate. If you manage to tackle the field of contestants on October 11, you will qualify directly to the $1 million God of the Arena pow-wow.

God of the Arena October 11 – 14

The beginning of the God of the Arena series will coincide with the qualifying event. A total of 12 events will be available over the period, allowing participants to join all sorts of games. Entry costs will range between $5.50 and $320, which will give some leeway to both budget players and well-heeled professionals or the occasional nabob.

As the God of the Arena Main Event will only start on October 14, competitors in the progressive tournament will have sufficient opportunities to blast their way clear to the most important event. But even if you miss on a chance to qualify based on merit alone, you can still buy your way in for the mere $55.

Players will all start off with 10,000 chips and the best part is that you can rebuy your chips within the 280-minute window that is allocated to the late arrivals. This will allow some flexibility to players who falter at the very beginning of the competition.
But that’s not all there is. You will have an opportunity to enter the $1 million God of the Arena tournament through a qualifying event starting from yesterday all the way through October 13. 888poker is hosting a number of qualifiers to allow you that extra leg-up in the upcoming competition.

888poker Still Has Work to Do

Even though 888poker is still a bit behind comparing to similar initiatives, to name partypoker and PokerStars, the platform has been bringing solid online competitions day in and day out. In order to retain its positions, though, 888poker will have to expand beyond its common online bastion and see more events underway.

It’s both a challenge, but also a positively exciting opportunity. The platform has long been one of the main ways to get a whole package for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) held in Las Vegas every year. The platform has been one of the brightest examples of poker businesses well-run. Still, it can benefit from having a broader reach.