Two Houston Poker Rooms Raided, Nine Arrested

On Wednesday, May 1, authorities in Houston, Texas came down hard on two poker rooms and arrested at least nine people during a raid that went down that afternoon. Severin Rasset, PokerStars’ Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, the two poker rooms, had been masquerading as “card clubs” in order to skirt state laws pertaining […]

Pa. Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of State Gambling Laws

In October 2017, the state of Pennsylvania signed into a law a set of gambling expansion laws that have since played a monumental role in the growth of the state’s gaming industry. Some of the things that Pennsylvanians are now able to enjoy include sports betting and online casino gaming which is expected to make […]

PokerStars Slapped with Fine by New Jersey Gaming Regulators

PokerStars which is considered to be the world’s largest poker site has recently been slapped with a fine by New Jersey gambling regulators. The $10,000 fine that the company’s sportsbook operation was slapped with is by far the largest sports betting fine ever issued in the state. While $10,000 is definitely a large amount of […]

West Virginia Becomes Fifth State to Legalize Online Casinos

West Virginia has officially become the fifth state in the United States to legalize online gambling thanks to a rather unexpected move by the state’s governor. The news of the new development came last Wednesday when House Bill 2934, otherwise referred to as the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act passed through Governor Jim Justice’s […]

Kentucky’s Online Poker and Gambling Bill Pushed Forward

It has been quite an eventful year for the gambling industry in the United States. It is now almost one year since the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting and since then a decent number of states have already legalized sports wagering within their territories. In addition to that, many states have […]

Online Poker in Limbo as DOJ Extends Compliance Deadline

The uncertainty surrounding the future of online poker in the United States remains for the foreseeable futures thanks to the recent 1961 Wire Act opinion reversal by the United States Department of Justice. Initially, the DOJ set the deadline for compliance with the revised opinion to April 15 but this has recently changed with the […]

West Virginian Reportedly Advancing Online Poker

On Friday, the West Virginia House of Representatives passed a bill that, if signed into law, would legalize online poker as well as other forms of online gaming in the state. After passing the House 72 to 22 without the vote of six representatives, the House Bill is now in the Senate where it is […]

New Jersey Threatens Lawsuit Over New Wire Act Opinion

The United States Department of Justice recently changed its opinion on the 1961 Wire Act, a controversial move that has been met with varying measures of support and criticism. The motives behind the reversal of the opinion are still not quite clear and this has caused a lot of havoc for the gaming industry in […]

Gambling Expansion in Kentucky May Still Be Possible

Needless to say, there has been massive gambling expansion in the United States and one of the primary motivations behind that is the massive impact that gaming can have on the local state economies. Some states were quick to capitalize on the opportunity but a few others are still mulling over bills and regulatory legislation […]

New York Online Poker on the Sidelines Thanks to Study Bill

New Yorkers who looking forward to online poker being legalized in the state might be waiting even longer thanks to a new bill that seeks to study the effects of gambling. A00591, the bill in question, is seeking to “commission a statewide evaluation regarding the extent of gambling by New York state residents.” One of […]