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PokerStars’ parent company, The Stars Group has recently announced the launch of its new social poker games in Australia and the United States. Titled “PokerStars Play”, the new social casino game will give players in both jurisdictions the opportunity to play online poker once again. The company’s expansion bid is currently focused towards the two markets where poker players have had it rough in the past few years – real money online poker is only available in a select number of states in the United States and is completely prohibited in Australia.

With the new social game, players from both countries will now be able to enjoy authentic online poker experiences in a sociable setting without having to risk any real money. PokerStars Play comes in the form of a feature-rich social poker app that boasts of a solid game selection that very few online poker platforms can match. These include Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments, Spin & Go tournament and Omaha cash games and tournaments, all of which are popular, exciting and fan-favorite variations of poker. In addition to this, the app also boasts of a decent number of online slots that players can play.

A recent update of the PokerStars Play app saw to the addition of progressive slot jackpots which give players a shot at billions of chips. Also, there has been a significant increase in the frequency of bigger prize offerings in the Spin & Go tournaments and the app also has a neat new live casino game section that features live dealers.

Built for the Community

Just like many other socially-oriented online casino platforms, PokerStars Play is modeled based on the emphasis to cater to its community. Players will, therefore, be able to compete against each other and win trophies while climbing up various positions of ranks on the leaderboards. While the players will not be competing against each other for real cash, they have the option to buy more gaming chips through the app’s cashier.

“PokerStars Play is a unique product, taking the best of real money gaming and merging it with the features players expect from mobile games. It brings together the lessons we learned building Jackpot Poker, probably the best social poker game on the market, with the incredible brand equity we have at PokerStars,” said Lloyd Melnick, the Director of Social Gaming at PokerStars. “We are very excited to launch PokerStars Play as it represents a great opportunity for players of social poker products to now play with and against the best from the poker leaders.”

Players from the United States and Australia can access PokerStars Play on their iOS and Android-powered devices. If you are not in either of these locations sit tight since The Stars Group reportedly plans to roll out the social gaming app to many other territories in the next few months.