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Shaun Deeb, Phil Galfond and payment processor Neteller are the three new member of the Internet Poker Wall of Fame (IPWOF).

Last summer Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan created this online-only wall of fame concept as a way to honour companies, industry insiders and players that contributed in one way or another for the development of the online poker industry.

This award is mostly based on public preferences and opinions, as the IPWOF is hosted on a forum site. This system discards many of the stipulations and rules, making it easier for young talented players to earn a spot among the online poker elite.

Since its launching last August, many big names of the industry such as MTT maestro Chris Moorman, former high stakes Prahlad Friedman and Pokerstars founder Isai Scheinberg have graced the forum thread of recognition.

The New Members of IPWOF

Recently Neteller, Shaun Deeb and Phil Galfond were rewarded for inspiring players and changing the online poker landscape.

Galfond is seen as one of the best poker players of the industry, when it comes to high stakes cash games. Differently from most of his peers like Viktor Blom or Tom Dwan, Galfond has a more calculated way of playing. Whereas his peer would sit at any game, regardless if they had an edge or not, Galfond would choose his games more carefully.

Using this strategy, Galfond managed to earn over $10 million on Full Tilt alone. In addition, he is also known to be one of the best online poker teachers.

Deeb is also one of the online poker legends, he has earned over $6 million playing online poker. His biggest moment was when the pulled off an amazing slowroll against Mike Matusow. Many poker fans remember that game.

The third inductee is Neteller, one of the most used online payment processors. The company ran into problems, as US online poker players were no more allowed to use Neteller. In 2007, all its assets were frozen and its founders got arrested.

US online poker players couldn’t access their bankrolls for a while. The American pro player, Haxton, had just won $800,000 in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), which also got frozen in his Neteller account.

Fortunately, US Department of Justice eventually allowed that US poker players would be able to get their money back before Neteller was banned from the US. In March 2014, Neteller was reintroduced and is completely legal in the states of New Jersey and Nevada.

Neteller has an iconic position in the online poker industry and for that reason they deserve a spot in the IPWOF alongside with Deep and Galfond.