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Last Sunday, on Valentine’s Day, a singles mum from Scotland won £2.5m by playing the slots game Festival of Lights Vegas.

With a £2,50 bet, the single mum from the Western Isles became a millionaire after winning £ 2.5m playing an online casino game.

Three months before the same lady, who wishes to stay anonymous, had netted £30.000 by playing a different game with the same bookie. According the William Hill’s this is their biggest payout ever. A spokesperson from William Hill said:

“This, by our reckoning is the biggest sum that a William Hill customer has ever won. It is an incredible, life changing sum of money.”

After winning she said: “It is all still so surreal. You obviously play these games, hoping to win a couple of quid, not a couple of million. I’m still stunned.”

The winner, who beat odds of more than 1.000.000 to 1, is in her early forties and other than booking a ticket to Disneyworld for her seven year-old son and herself, she has still no idea what she will do with the jackpot.

“I was washing the dishes this morning and thought to myself – ‘no matter how much money   you have, you still have to wash the dishes.’ 

“I might get a kitchen extension so I can fit the dishwasher. I’m glad I have the half-term off to get my head around it. I’m going to be sensible and take my time deciding what to do.”