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According to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE), former Full Tilt boss, Ray Bitar, got banned from running a business in Ireland for ten years.

Due to his business practices during DOJ’s shutdown of Full Tilt in 2011, Bitar, despite being an American, will not be able to assume his job position as director in Ireland.

During the time Bitar was the CEO of Full Tilt, he was also director of Rekop Limited and Pocket Kings Ltd, both primary companies behind Full Tilt.

Pocket Kings only controlled the operational side of Full Tilt but Rekop Limited was part of the ownership structure and for that reason both companies were part of the DOJ’s Indictment.

In 2015, the ODCE got involved, because both company were based in Ireland, and ruled that all executives from both business would not the allowed to operate run operations in Ireland for a period of 10 years. This was decided in the summer of 2015, but just recently came to light, due to a publication by The Times.

Typically, the blackout is from three of five years, so this ruling suggests the ODCE took this matter very seriously.

Ray Bitar

Bitar will probably not start a new poker any time so. The former CEO found himself locked in a different battle after escaping the wrath of the DOJ with just a small punishment, this time a health issue.  According to Allen Cunningham, WSOP bracelet winner, he was on the verge of death and broke, but the rumors of his situation might have been only rumors, since he appeared in 2015 looking just fine.

The question is who spread the rumors and why.