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Regulators for the province of Quebec, in Canada, are disputing Bill 74. The bill passed back in May and would block citizens from accessing unlicensed online gambling sites. Until now the bill is not put into action.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) claims the bill have to be reconsidered, since it is unlawful. If it were up to the CRTC the bill would be rescinded before even been enforced.

“Accordingly, compliance with other legal or juridical requirements – whether municipal, provincial or foreign – does not in and of itself justify the blocking of specific websites by Canadian carriers, in the absence of Commission approval under the Act,” stated a letter from the CRTC.

The Canadian Supreme Court is currently considering if the CRTC has the jurisdiction to determine whether or not QB74 is legal. If the Supreme Court determines that the CRTC does have jurisdiction to rule on the bill, the law will probably not be enforced.

More over Bill 74

According to those in favor of the bill,  it will protect Quebec citizens from illegal gambling sites, unregulated in Canada, to take advantage of them. But digital law experts claim the bill is a threat to Quebecois’ rights to an open and free internet.

If enforced, the bill will keep internet providers from providing “access to an online gambling sites whose operation is not authorized under Quebec law.”

Internet gambling is legalized nationwide in Canada, differently than the US, except in three states. American citizens are not allowed to play on most global legal gaming sites, and for that reason US poker players frequent Canada so they can play legally.

The QB 74 has not yet been put into law, and there is no timetable of when the Supreme Court will rule on the issue. Residents of Quebec are currently still allowed to access online gambling sites.