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There is one man that has taken matters with a new game to a literal level in the jousting between nominees for the White House’s top job where Presidential poker is a well-known term.

Instead of traditional suits and hand rankings this new variant of poker, invented by Alex Gary from Rockford, Illinois, uses US presidents throughout history.

Gary felt it was time to unleash his game on the US at the moment that the world’s headlines is being dominated by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Presidential Poker is a twist on traditional Hold’em, as Gary explained his invention when talking to

Neutral Game Politically

Gary tried to back up his rankings with stats and historical research as he tried avoiding any bias in the rankings since everyone has a political persuasion virtually.

‘I wanted to create a ranking that was 100 percent fair and not just saying this is you because I want Republicans, I want conservatives, I want Libertarians, I want Green Party people to buy this game,’ zei Gary tegen

Each card ranges from one to 43 points, in which Gary went back to 1948 to factor the historical rankings of 43 presidents.

There are just three suits in addition to only having 43 cards, Democrats, Republicans and Other, as the 44th President (Clinton or Trump) will be determined in January.

By using the deck you can play Hold’em, Draw and Stud, but at the same time you need consider your points as make a strong poker hand, according to Gary.

Hands Beaten by Points

A pair with more points can actually beat a low value straight as pointed out by the inventor of the game.

Within the context of Presidential Poker the highest and lowest ranked presidents are:

Top Ranked: Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Bottom Ranked: James Buchanan, Warren Harding, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison and Andrew Johnson.

The moment is certainly captured by this game as you can get into the spirit of the US election for only $9,95. It’s however unlikely for the game to be a serious his with poker players.