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In 2016 there will be probably some shakeups in the online poker market in New Jersey.

Even though it is still not clear when it will be launched, last year PokerStars got approval to operate in the state of New Jersey.

It was speculated that the site would launch in January, however it seems Amaya, PokerStars’ parent company, is not in a hurry to get to market. But we believe that the site will launch in the first half year of 2016, probably in February or March.

Lately, the poker industry is showing signs of stability and growth; however experts hope that PokerStars will expand the market. Pokerstars desire and capacity to do so are yet to be seen.

For Amaya to be introduced in the U.S market again New Jersey will serve as a foothold, however the revenue will be small. There will probably be no massive marketing push.

Regardless, the arrival of Pokerstars in the online poker market of New Jersey will change things as there has been a while since a poker site was introduced in New Jersey and Pokerstars is already famous in the U.S.

Borgata Poker

Another event that might also contribute for the shakeup in the online poker market in New Jersey is that GVC Holdings was recently acquired is currently working together with Borgata to provide online poker and casino in New Jersey, but this collaboration might be drawing to an end, as Borgata is reconsidering their collaboration with

By doing this Borgata could have different intensions, they could be looking to partner up with some other site such as 888 or PokerStars or maybe they will leave the online poker industry altogether.

If Borgata decides to end its partnership with, the online poker market in New Jersey would change. This could lead for example to a market share battle between PokerStars and 888.

Player Pool

States nearby such as New York and Pennsylvania can affect also what is going on in New Jersey. This year, it seems like an online gambling and poker expansion bill will be seriously considerate in the state of Pennsylvania. If the bill passes New Jersey and Pennsylvania can sign an interstate agreement to share liquidity.

However this is still a way off, even if the bill passes in PA, online poker sites would only be available in 2017. So there will not be any immediate increase in the player pool of New Jersey.

Another variable is the sudden interest in online poker regulation in New York. New York’s poker expansion bill is moving quickly and this could lead to discussions regarding player pool. Down the road there is a possibility for an agreement to share liquidity between NJ, PA and NY.