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  • PokerStars carries on with its TV coverage of the $25,000 PSPC in a groundbreaking move for the industry
  • The company brings the talents of James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton to add value to each broadcast
  • This week’s Episode 3 and Episode 4 will be aired at 11:00 pm EST and midnight on Friday and Saturday, respectively 

Poker is back on the airwaves with PokerStars running a nine-episode series broadcasting the $25,000 PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC) via FS1. 

TV Coverage of Poker Comes Back to the US 

Poker is back on American TV, with FS1 now airing PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship (PSPC) for five consecutive weeks starting last week. PokerStars Episode 3 and Episode 4 are scheduled for 11:00 pm EST on Friday and midnight on Saturday. 

There will be a total of nine episodes to enjoy. The live coverage focuses on the PSPC, which runs a prize pool of $25,000 in guaranteed money, or the biggest live tournament in the game’s history to be aired on TV. 

To deliver its original content, PokerStars has chosen to team up with both FOX Bet and FS1 so that TV spectators may tune in and watch their favorite game through a new medium. More importantly, PokerStars is trying to build momentum for the game across the country.

With successful launches in Michigan, and the MICOOP Series, New Jersey, and elsewhere, PokerStars is committed to developing and improving the standing of poker in the country. Much like in Pennsylvania, PokerStars is the only operator presently in Michigan, although BetMGM should be joining soon. 

On the occasion of Episode 1, it became known that James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton would be coming together to provide each episode with commentary, adding inherent value to the broadcasts. 

Bigger Things to Follow 

So, what does it all mean for poker? Having PokerStars broadcasting on TV is good news for anyone who is a fan of the game or used to play it. It’s good news for the company itself, which has now found new and legitimate ways to reach out to new audiences

Not only that, but PokerStars is now committed to bringing content from all around the world to provide FS1 with plenty of footage for the network’s 24-hour sports network

Commenting on the occasion, FOX Sports Head of Programming Bill Wanger said that he was excited to deepen the company’s partnership with FOX Bet and bring more exclusive content from PokerStars. 

Moving forward, FOX hopes to feature PokerStars on its local TV stations, leading to much bigger awareness for the game nationally and among local communities. PokerStars is still the flagship poker platform in the United States and one of the most frequent hosts of seven-figure tournaments.