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Latin American Poker Tour Chile has been canceled according to recent news. LAPT Chile is the first stop of the revived Latin American Poker Tour after a one-year hiatus. PokerStars announced on its blog on Tuesday that: “As we review our strategy for tournaments in Latin America alongside the global event calendar and the overall Live Events propositions of PokerStars, we have decided to cancel LAPT Chile. We want to continue to produce tournaments in the region that players can love, and that can be enduring. As such, we are refining our plans with the aim to present a more exciting and stronger offering than ever before”

No Reasons Announced for the Cancellation

Up to this point, there are only speculations as to why PokerStars canceled the event. On PokerStars’ part, they didn’t provide any specific reason why they have decided to cancel the event during the last minute. However, they announced that players can be assured that they are going to improve the live events in order to fit the needs of the players.

“We want to continue producing events that players can love and that can facilitate access to all participants in the region. To do this, we are perfecting our plans for PokerStars live sponsored events with the goal of presenting a richer, more exciting and solid event offer”.

PokerStars thanked the local partners Enjoy Vina del Mar Casino and Resort, as well. For the last ten years, PokerStars was able to conduct events in Chile. This announcement was made after rumors started more than a week ago. PokerStars removed satellites for the event from the poker client and also, LAPT Chile website was taken out from the PokerStars Live website.

They have assured their players though that their money is returned to their online accounts. Also, the casino is going to reimburse those clients who qualified via the venue.

Regional Events

PokerStars, in 2016, announced that they would be doing regional events under one of the two categories either the PokerStars Championships or the PokerStars Festival. PokerStars Championship offers main events in the $5,000 range while the PokerStars Festivals have main events at $1,000. Unfortunately, this move was quite unpopular among players since many missed the regional events.

Though the canceled event is a bumpy start for the return of LAPT, this isn’t a problem at all as AAPT was able to have the Macau Cup and the very first EPT event that will be held in Sochi, Russia by March.

Unfortunately, Chile’s absence from PokerStars ends its tradition of holding an event for the last ten years in the country. Will Chile be included in the coming year? Will it still be held in Casino Enjoy in Valparaiso? These are just some of the things that have suddenly become uncertain. There has been no information released on the part of PokerStars regarding the other 2018 LAPT events so far.

For the latest information regarding the upcoming events, players can easily check the live events section that is found in the PokerStars website.