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Recently, Pokerstars has taken two steps towards making poker more accessible to casual players and more entertaining. In the past months, not only PokerStars but most of the industry is changing its platforms to make it more appealing to casual players.

The platform focus more on a mainstream audience than even before and is doing this by signing soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. as well as the introduction of Spin & Go tournaments.

On July 15, PokerStars made yet another move in the evolution and changed the rules of all-in showdowns.


Now, during an all-in situation cash game players can no longer choose to hide their cards and this will change the usual game dynamics. Before the recent changes, even though the default setting was to reveal the cards to the other all-in players, players could go to their settings and change this option to ‘hide cards’.

Since last July 15, players can no longer go into their settings and change this option, instead, in all-in situations they will have their cards exposed.

According to PokerStars, the change was made to make sure players have a “slightly fairer playing experience” and make cash games “slightly more fun”.

Neymar Jr. #raiseit

Besides making the software more accessible to recreational players, PokerStars is always working on new ways to engage newbies.

The #raiseit campaign is PokerStars’ latest PR stunt and encourage players to challenge their friends. PokerStars produced a series of videos where Ronaldo Nazario and Neymar Jr.  compete against each other in a game of “one-upmanship”. To win players use everything from ball to drones in the name of competition and entertainment.

PokerStars is using social media and professional sports stars and moving away from game stats and poker pros in an attempt to engage with new fans and get more people interested in poker. The social media campaign and software updates are examples of that, and if it works players of all levels will benefit.