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It’s now a great time to contact lawmakers for poker players according to The Poker Players Alliance. The seven-week break for the United Stated Congress has already begun. Instead of being busy fighting about the country in Washington D.C., lawmakers are at home with their families.

There are only three regulated online poker sites as it stands now. At this time the many other states have failed to take the leap of faith. There are some powers that try and ban online poker nationwide such as lobbyist Sheldon Adelson.

It’s now time to take action, said VP of Player Relations for te PPA, Rich Muny in a recent post at

‘With these lawmakers at home, it is easier to meet with them to discuss issues like H.R.707 and S. 1668, Sheldon Adelson’s online poker ban bills. You can meet your elected representatives at their local offices, at state fairs, at town halls, and many other venues. Simply check lawmakers’ social media for events, or just call their office and ask,’ he stated.

The rights of poker players have been defended for many years by the Poker Players Alliance. As it comes to making poker illegal or legal to play anywhere in the United States, many politicians either refuse to pass proposed legislation or speak out in favor of making it illegal. Folks like Adelson would like the federal government to make poker illegal, but individual states still have the right to decide themselves.

The Fight- How to Win

In the United States, poker is a legal game. It’s however only legal in three states to operate an online poker site (Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware)- this due to political reasons.

Since it has to battle against an influential billionaire, the PPA’s fight has become a difficult task. The PPA has a distinct advantage, even though Adelson has more money than the PPA.

‘Another critical factor to winning the poker fight is through your financial support. We may have a billionaire fighting us, but he numbers are on our side. If you can make even a small contribtion to PPA, you can help ensure our ability as a community to continue taking the Adelson and his minions on Capital Hill’, poker players were advised by Adelson.

Legislation Will Soon Pass in More States?

On online poker bill in favor daily fantasy sports legislation was recently shut down in New York. In June Pennsylvania’s poker bill passed a House Vote and is projected to legalize online poker some time after lengthy uphill battles.

There is however no guarantee tat online poker will be legalized any time soon. In California the poker world continues to face tough opposition in the quest towards legislation. All anyone can do at this point is to continue playing poker and speaking themselves out in favor of online poker legislation, as advised by the PPA.