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A dealer at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland stole chips from the casino and got sentenced to 18 month probation and 250 hours of community service.

After he was caught stealing, the former poker dealer, Randall White, was arrested in 2015.

White said to the police that the reason why he stole chips was because he needed to help cover his daughter legal expenses, as she has got in trouble with the law. According to the reports, he stated deciding steal poker chips to supplement his income after having witnessed a couple of employees doing the same.


The way White found to steal chips without suspicion was to pretend the chips he took were tips. He would take chips worth $10 and $5 from the dealer’s chip tray and also count them so it looked like he had received tips. The security only found out he was stealing in June of last year. White stole chips for months without been noticed.

The poker dealer was, of course, fired from the casino and also arrested. In January he appeared in court, admitted he committed the felony and apologized for it.

In total White stole $711 and the Judge sentenced him to community service and 18-month probation. Much less than he could get for felony charges related to gambling infractions.

In addition, White must also be employed during his probation period and be available for random drug testing.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time a poker dealer at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is arrested for cheating.

Robert D. Brown was found with a card up his sleeve back in September 2015. Even Though it did not become clear what Brown was trying to achieve with it, he was charged with a fifth-degree felony.

As for former poker dealer Randall White, after he lost his job at the casino he found another job as a restaurant manager and is clean according to the random drug tests so far.