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Virtue Poker, the cryptocurrency-based online poker startup has just nabbed itself a new advisor ahead of its 2018 launch – and it is none other than Phil Ivey who is arguably one of the greatest poker players of all time. Phil’s roles will include participation in product development which is intended to further fine-tune the various features of the new poker client. Furthermore, he knows people within and outside the poker industry and this should come in handy especially in the expansion of Virtue Poker’s corporate networks and relationships as well as improvement of customer and investor outreach. Brand awareness is another key area that the poker star should effectively assist in considering his vast knowledge about the prevailing state of the poker industry and the state of Virtue Poker’s target markets. Poker players can also expect a great deal of innovative, fresh and amazing poker game offerings as soon as the poker site officially launches in 2018.

In a press release, Ivey expressed his delight in the new role saying, “I’m looking forward to serving as a strategic adviser to the Virtue Poker team. I believe their new peer-to-peer solution built using blockchain technology can add significant value to the online poker experience.”

The trend of involving poker stars into poker gaming businesses is not a new thing – over the past few years, many top poker players have either actively endorsed cryptocurrency-based poker sites or have been actively involved with the sites. Tony G, another star poker player has given a lot of support to CoinPoker, another cryptocurrency-based poker site currently in Beta. Phil Ivey joins fellow poker bigwigs Dan Colman and Brian Rast who were brought in by the Virtue Poker team as ambassadors.

Many people seem to be wondering why Virtue Poker seems to be drawing a lot of attention especially since it essentially resembles any typical poker room in terms of functionality and presentation – there is a virtual table, hole cards and buttons to interact with. However, once you go below the surface you will find that Virtue Poker operates quite differently. The Ethereum-based poker site is set on providing solutions to some age-defying problems that plague online poker using the latest in blockchain technology. These issues include trust in the fairness of the online casino software as well as trust in an online poker operator which, ideally, should be neutral when holding players’ funds in escrow. Phil Ivey’s involvement with Virtue Poker is without a doubt a great step forward for the company thanks to his understanding of both the poker and cryptocurrencies.

Ryan Gittleson, Virtue Poker co-founder sees the partnership with Phil Ivey is a great step forward for the startup. “He’s really excited about this project, especially because we’re looking to create a new face of online poker that has player security and trust at the forefront,” he said. “He believes in it first and foremost because of the idea of building a more secure online poker platform. He really sees this as a way to create a legitimate contender to the current market incumbents. There’s a lot of new enthusiasm and interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”