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Phil Hellmuth is known as the spoiled brat of poker. He has been rather robust in his language on more than one occasion, spouting rather unbecoming language for no particular reason. Such is the wont and whimsy of Phil Hellmuth and it helps to know that he is who he is, not out of some inherent malice. It’s just how Hellmuth works. Even his name Hellmuth reminds of Hell Mouth, and he’s certainly known for his brawls with fellow poker players, albeit he’s also famed for the occasional bout of generosity, too.

A Pro Commenting

In any event, he is definitely one of the best players of our time when it comes to poker. With his impressive collection of 15 WSOP bracelets, 2018 was particularly generous to Mr Hellmuth, he has raked in $22 million from his live games. A great talent himself, Mr Hellmuth has not been quite apt at poker commentary, which came as a bit of a shock to him and much to the glee of fans that are interested in him for reasons other than see him win the next competition.

And so, Phil mad his appearance alongside Lon McEachern and Norman Chad, attempting to make sense of the action that was unfolding during the WSOP Big One for One Drop tournament in the cherished Las Vegas. Only, it didn’t go well for him. Perhaps Phil would have done well was it not for his condescending tone and lack of tact when it came to describing his fellow gamers. Ouch!

Phil Galfond, who was also eliminated from WSOP after losing his chips, has went to Twitter to comment about how his namesake, Hellmuth has handled the commentary. Galfond’s commentary was delivered with a heart-felt accuracy, saying that what Mr Hellmuth did was de facto robbing the crowds of a hero.

Not only that, but Hellmuth was de facto reducing the game of poker to a series of random events that are not based on the individual player’s skill. This has been a complete no-no, especially from a professional. Justin Bonomo, in the meanwhile, went on to become the winner of the $10 million One Drop Tournament. Mr Bonomo is also the player to win the most in his career and the history of poker.

Faltering to Do Better

Hellmuth perused the tweet and said that he will do his best to be better. However, when paying compliments, it sounded like Mr Hellmuth is appreciating the prowess of a dog which has learned how to flush the toilet. In a word, Hellmuth failed to uphold the ESPN standards for professional commentary on all possible levels.

Mr Hellmuth’s self-importance has been quite riveting, too. He mentioned the game theory optimal (GTO), a stratagem that some players have been studying for years to use and win tournaments. Hellmuth apparently picked the strategy in several days ahead of the event which granted him his last bracelet.
All in all, Hellmuth remains one of the most contentious figures of professional poker these days. Even if he’s prepared to make compromises he quickly forgets about past promises and ends up throwing rather inapt remarks around. Such is the choosing of Mr Hellmuth.