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Action is about to kick off at King’s Casino as partypoker MILLION tournament heads over to the famous European poker room at the beginning of June, known to be the largest in the EU. It is located on the Czech-Germany border over the plains of Rozvadov.

Players will be facing off to claim a share of the guaranteed €1,000,000 prize pool with the victor claiming a huge sum of €200,000. Each player begins the tournament carrying 100,000 poker chips with blinds increasing incrementally every 45 minutes for the first two live days at King’s Casino. Additionally, everyone has the ability to re-enter the game once per day.

The tournament consists of two stages:

  • 1. Day 1 – Available both online (21st and 28th May) and live (2nd-4th June)
    • Online Day 1a: Sun 21st May 2017 – €1,000 + €100 – Starts 20:00
    • Online Day 1b: Sun 28th May 2017 – €1,000 + €100 – Starts 20:00
    • Live Day 1c: Fri 2nd June 2017 – €1,000 + €100 – Starts 14:00
    • Live Day 1d: Sat 3rd June 2017 – €1,000 + €100 – Starts 14:00
    • Live Day 1e: Sun 4th June 2017 – €1,000 + €100 – 6-Max Turbo – Starts 12:00
  • 2. Day 2 – Held exclusively at King’s Casino (4th-5th June)
    • Live Day 2: Sun 4th June 2017 – Starts 15:30
    • Live Final Day: Mon 5th June 2017 – Starts 14:00

“The partypoker MILLION Germany Main Event at King’s Casino guarantees a €1 million prize pool.”

There is also an opportunity for players to bypass Day 1 and attempt to directly qualify to Day 2 by participating the online games available on 21st and 28th May at partypoker for which blind levels increase every 18 minutes.

On the third live casino day at King’s Casino a turbo structure is implemented with blinds increasing every 15 minutes instead of the starting 45 minutes for the previous days. Finally, on the last day of the event, blinds will increase every 60 minutes and then every 30 minutes when the game is heads up.

Be sure to check back for more updates during the event between May 28 – June 5 for news coverage of the event.