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Tournament host partypoker has managed to shape up the final table for the LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event in Day 4 of the tournament. A total of 63 participants competed in the last hours, attempting to secure one of the nine spots in the upcoming final action. Now, only nine stand a chance to bag £1,000,000 by topping all other contestants.

LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event Gets Its Final 9

It definitely hasn’t been easy for anyone to outlast the opponents. But the LIVE MILLIONS UK Main Event that promises a solid £1,000,000 for first place is definitely worth it. Day 4 saw 63 people reduced to just 9 lucky, if not exceptionally skilled, players.

And among them were quite a few noteworthy names. Greek, Ioannis Angelou-Konstas is coming back on Day 5 as the chip leader with his stack soaring to the eye-watering 224,500,000. If Angelou-Konstas wins the first prize, as he’s headed for it presently, he will almost double his overall poker winnings standing at $874,921.

That definitely has to hurt the competition were it not for John Haigh who himself sports respectable 220,500,000 at first. Michael Fang, another known name, is right on the trail of the pair with 154,500,000, but as you can see the gulf between the leaders is starting to show.

More players are coming up with some pretty decent results, including Antoine Labat with this 140,500,000. Sam Grafton has 82,000,000 which puts him in a fairly good position to make a move, but it’s still three-fold behind.

More contesters are also going to move in and try to make a claim on the title. Alex Foxen and Tom Hall and more established hot-shots of the poker realm are participating, including Ryan Riess with his modest stack of 37,000,000.

The People We Will Miss

Maria Lampropulos is definitely one of the names we will miss. After she had claimed the £1,000,000 Dusk Till Dawn in 2017, there were hopes that she will make the final table at a yet another big tournament. However, Maria faltered to secure a spot and was eliminated close to the finishing line. Oh, and if you haven’t been around poker at the beginning of the year, it’s fair to note that Maria tackled the PokerStars’ Caribbean Adventure.

With just £15,000 in winnings, it’s easy to see why Maria can’t be too upset about the way she departed. Even then, seeing her and Katie Swift make it all the way to the finals would have given the concluding action a distinctly feminine touch. But alas, Swift was relegated out of the competition in the 39th place.

Other notable names left the event very near close to the qualifying final nine. Anton Sidan managed to walk away with £40,000 thanks to his 11th finish and just a sliver from entering the one part of the race he truly cared about.

The Final Action

Ioannis stood strong all through the race pushing forth with his chip lead and reducing Alex Foxen and John High’s both stacks to 184,000,000 and 183,000,000 respectively. The gaming action is on right now and it seems like Ioannis is going to continue and keep his chip lead quite uncontested.

Finally, Ioanis swoops in for a victorious run, winning $1,224,228 from the UK Main Event following nearly 10 hours of play.