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What an organization the World Poker Tour (WPT) is! They have been bringing poker action to virtually every corner of the world. After reporting on their ambitions to kick off the Marrakech festival for its ninth edition, the WPT is heading up to Montreal. And we know more about the schedule and events that we can expect!

WPT Brings out the Heavy Guns for Montreal

And so, the World Poker Tour (WPT) is teaming up with Partypoker LIVE to launch a number of promotions for the upcoming WPT Montreal pow-wow. If you are looking to benefit from some extra capital for the upcoming games in both Europe and Canada, this may be a golden opportunity for you to rake in some money and invest in your future. To begin with, you will be able to benefit from some special treats during the Montreal festival, which will bestow winners of events with specific goodies, allowing them to pursue their poker careers beyond the frontier of the WPT Montreal event.

More treats will be available courtesy of Partypoker in October when the Montreal pow-wow is scheduled to kick off! The event itself will be held from October 21 through November 4 and it will combine all major events WPT usually fields in different locations.

This means that the festival will have an even stronger pull in this year’s iteration, allowing gamers of all stripes to flock to a single place and enjoy the full gamut of titles, including the WPT 500, the Ladies Tour and the High Roller action. A DeepStack competition will also be made available to those who seek to dive into the action!

Kicking Off in Full Gear

The event will be definitely action-packed. To begin with, the WPT 500 Online will stretch over a period of three days from October 21 through 23 October. The buy-ins are $550 and the prize money is listed as $1 million, which is quite the tidy sum to bag and leave, no questions asked.

Then, on the first day of the festival itself, players will have an opportunity to buy into the $5,300 WPT Montreal Main Event Online for exchange of $5 million. There have been some events that are still unannounced, such as the WPT 500 Final Day, which will depend on how players perform, but overall the majority of events is known.

Come November, and WPTDeepStacks Day 1A will kick off with $1,650 and $1 million in cash prizes. It’s immediately obvious that the buy-ins for the WPT are rather steep, but the pools are tailored accordingly with the awards stretching all the way up to $5 million.

Playing the Promotions Game

Some of the events will have lower buy-ins, of course, including the $220 Ladies Tournament. Meanwhile, Partypoker will provide games with a variety of promotions that can be most useful to the players of merit. Win the WPT 500 after using PP Live Dollars to buy in and you will get $50,000 to spend on any Partypoker LIVE event for a year! This is quite the treat and one that you would certainly love to explore yourself when the opportunity arises!