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The world of poker has known quite a few changes. Most recently, the World Poker Tour (WPT) is relocating to Morocco in less than a week to set up its new base of operation for the upcoming WPTDeepStack Marrakech festival. Slated for September 22 and running all the way through September 30, this is an event to behold in all its splendor!

Say Hello to the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker are back. They will be taking place at the Casino de Marrakech in Morocco, from September 22 through September 30. This means that we are on the cusp of witnessing some high-end poker action very, very soon! With 26 events to go hand-in-hand with, the WPT are definitely quite the spectacle to behold. If you are spoiling to participate in the Main Event, this can be easily arranged. In exchange for $1,394, you will be granted an entry and have a shot at the big money!

When it comes to the availability of games, there is quite the choice to consider, indeed! For all the buffs of NLHE poker, there will be sufficient opportunities, as this will be the main format of the entire tournament. But why stop there when you can add more titles to the fold, including a Chinese Poker Open Face tournament, which will add some zest to the overall event.

All Welcome the Main Event

The Main Event will be hitting a few days after the competition has kicked off in earnest. On 27 September, those that are bold enough to take their chance at the big money will have an actual chance to do so on the spot! The games will last three days and provide the crème-de-la-crème with quite the outstanding opportunity to add another title to their name.

With 30,000 chips and 40-minute levels, this game is a well-considered tournament that will definitely allow players of all backgrounds and compete without straining their budgets unnecessarily. Day 2 will also add more time to the levels, which will go up to 46 minutes and they will finish at 60-minute on Day 3. However, watch out, because when the final table begins, players will only have 30 minutes for each level.

The WPT Marrakech poker festival is not without tradition. In 2009, the event had 416 entries for its first edition with a solid main event worth ca $6,000 at the time. It was quite the hefty prize to pay. Things could be much, much, better too for this year’s edition, as the festival is hoping to attract top talent without having to push up the entry-fee levels that are rather exclusive.

Back in 2009, it was Christophe Savary who topped the competition and was crowned at the championship. By 2013, the buy-ins became more affordable at around $1,800 a go, while the entry-field remained nearly the same.

There are big hopes that this year’s Main Event will attract no fewer than 500 people who will compete for the big money, and inadvertently, for perpetuating a festival with tradition. And the best part is – it’s exceedingly open to anyone who wishes to participate!