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At the WSOP Dutch Boyd is no longer a rookie.

The days that Boyd was called one of the young guns, called the crew, at the WSOP are past.

Boyd has seen the potential resurrection of online poker in the USA (including rise and fall) as he has been playing the WSOP for over a decade now.

It has been quite a transition for Boyd as he lays out in his written book called Poker Tilt, in which he tells about his experiences in the poker world.

‘It’s funny when I look back at the old footage I has so much more confidence back then but less skill’.

‘In poker it’s really easy to be kinda fresh to the game and really overestimate yourself and underestimate everybody else’.

However, a very different problem arises for many veteran poker players.

‘I think that once you’ve put in the time it’s actually very easy to overestimate players. You start looking at players and projecting your own game on to them’.

‘In your mind you’re thinking, OK, this guy is 3-betting light because I would be 3-betting light. So you make a 4-Bet and they have aces or something’.

Boyd awaits Big Summer

He’s very busy planning to be at the 2016 WSOP, which clearly shows he is still driven to win.

‘I’ve scheduled myself for 50-something buy-in so it’s going to be a big summer’.

‘Hopefully I won’t be playing that many events though and instead making a lot of Day 1s and Day 2s.’

Boyd has built a solid following on over the last few years as he was one the earlier poker pioneers active on the channel.

‘I remember when I had that ‘aha moment’ with Twitch where I was watching someone and I made a little comment about how they played a hand and they started talking right back to me.’

‘It was pretty cool and I realized it wasn’t YouTube, it was something different. It’s a weird form of entertainment because it really fulfills a social need.’

‘I’ve meed a lot of friendships through Twitch. It’s like hanging out with your friends and playing poker, which is really cool’.

Second and new book coming up soon

Although Boyd is very optimistic about the platform, he doesn’t believe it will single- handedly save poker. However, he is not that bullish as some streamers on Twitch think.

‘I think it might lead to a bit of growth’.

‘I definitely think it could help with legislation on the American front. Seeing poker as a game of skill and getting people comfortable with the game as an eSport rather than just an extension of the casino pit.’

Currently Boyd is working on a strategy called Poker Tells so he won’t stop writing after publishing his Poker Tilt book.

‘It’s hard writing a book and a strategy book is a little different’.

‘I felt like it was harder to write Poker Tilt because it was a pretty personal book but Poker Tells is different because it’s a strategy book and I don’t want my peers to make fun of me and pick it apart.’

The aim is to finish the book around next year’s WSOP but Boyd didn’t want to give an exact timeline.

Boyd joked: ‘Whenever it gets done’.