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He is one of the most successful live tournament poker players of all time, but this time Daniel Negreanu appears on the online Poker losers list. Fellow pro Isaac Haxton and Negreanu just underperformed in the September online poker results.

On the other hand September was a great month for Mikael “CahoRen160” Thuritz and Jason Mercier.

Negreanu managed to drop $131,057 in just 257 hands during one session last month. Overall, online high stakes game don’t attract Negreanu very much anymore. After a brutal session like that, Kid Poker perhaps didn’t feel like openings his PokerStars account again. Maybe he didn’t have time to play cards as he was busy bashing Donald Trump on Twitter.

 “If there’s a silver lining in this for Negreanu, it’s that at least he didn’t grind 78 sessions to lose $152,798 during September like ‘philivey2694’ (Haxton). Nevada’s all-time winningest live tournament player had a month he’d like to forget.”

At the online high stakes tables, the no-limit heads-up specialist has been however a long time winner. From time to time, everyone has a bad month. Before leading the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl title, even the great Tom Brady had a bad month in 2014.

Each losing at least $37,000 on PokerStars last month, Daniel Cates, Andy Beal and Mike Gorodinsky also ended up in the red. A strong October will however follow if history is an indication of success.

September for Galfond

Last month, Thuritz won more than anyone else online with playing over more than 92 session on PokerStars, and sporting a Superman Avatar online. Using the screen name ‘MrSweets28′, Phil Galfond reached to second place in getting the highest profit this month ($216,908).

He shifted to high stakes live poker as one of the early online poker grinders. Since he can’t play in the international pools from the US, Phil still spends time playing on PokerStars’ Canadian platform. There’s no liquidity with non-American players pools yet, even though ‘Stars has reentered the New Jersey market.

Last month there was some online success for the 2016 WSOP Player of the Year, Jason Mercier, as well. For seventh-best in the world, he turned a profit of $91,365. The Team PokerStars Pro earned millions of dollars at the World Series over the summer in Las Vegas, which allows him to just enjoy the game to the fullest- for now.