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The touted competition known as The Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) held at the Holland Casino Amsterdam is carrying on, dishing out various prizing money to many distinct players. Now, Dang Toan Nguyen has managed to come out a success from the €1,500 Progressive Bounty event. Here’s what happened.

Beating the Masters at 1,500 Progressive Bounty

A whole bunch of players descended upon the Holland Casino Amsterdam, joining a series of exciting events. We recently saw Steve Dwyer walk away with €74,250 from the €25,000 Super High Roller event. But the spotlight as of this moment belongs to another player completely, with Dang Toan Nguyen sweeping his opponent from Israel, Eyal Eshkar, and claiming $76,000 in cash.

Nguyen managed to claim the bulk of the tournament money, around $47,000, with the rest of his money, around $30,000 coming from the bounty he has managed to score all throughout the competition.

His accomplishment at the felt of the Holland Casino Amsterdam is not the only noteworthy achievement Nguyen has under his belt this year. He managed to plunge into the WSOP Circuit Cup, part of the WSOP International Circuit, fetching himself the respectable $32,000 after paying a rather modest $310 buy-in.

The Action at the Felt

The €1,500 Progressive Bounty excited quite a bit of turn-up indeed. Some 181 players showed up, trying to blast their way to Day 2, but at the end, it was 17 players who had emerged successful from the first round of eliminations, that saw the bulk of competitors trimmed off.

Joris Ruijs brought up the rear and he was quickly tossed out of the race as others intensified their efforts to add to their own stacks. Another notable aspiring professional, Van Zijp, got eliminated in the 12th place, leaving the competition with $7,500 to his name and not too shabby a performance at all.

He was followed by Daan van Hoogmoed who had in fact started the day as a chip leader, but his fortunes quickly petered out under the inexorable push of the opponents. Frank de Wolf and Daniyar Aubikarov appeared as strong contesters, but they were also sent to the rail, as common poker slang has it.

At one point, Nguyen was caught in a decisive battle with Knaapinen. A defeat would have almost certainly eliminated him. However, the triumph over Knaapinen helped Nguyen find a purchase and launch himself directly into the thick of the fight.

In the ensuing poker melee, it was just Nguyen and Eshkar standing. The pair had decided to make a claim on the title and they fought determined to win. Eshkar, however, got outplayed at the end, and forced out with $34,000 to his name, including the bounty he has managed to rake up throughout the competition.

Nguyen victory is particularly important to him. With the latest round, his live winnings stand at nearly $119,000. Distinguishing himself in the highly-competitive world of poker has been a mean feat, but Nguyen seems to be onto a good thing. More challenges await ahead of him and while the year is almost out, more poker events are to follow.