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The Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) will be hitting Holland Casino Amsterdam, reuniting poker players from Europe and overseas enthusiasts in one of the longest-running game festivals on the continent. With hefty prize pools and solid participation, the poker action is a sight to behold.

The Poker Master Classics Returns in November

The Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) will be hitting Amsterdam, the Netherlands on November 21. The action will run through December 1 and offer 11 days of continuous poker competition, with the prizes ranging from small treats to big life-changing sums. The Holland Casino Amsterdam will once again play host to yet another significant event. The venue was not chosen on a whim either, with the owners priding themselves of having organized a number of noteworthy events in the past.

The festival intends to reunite great names from the poker scene who wouldn’t mind storming the event and bagging big profits. Among the people who are likely to show are Steve O’Dwyer, Bryn Kenney, and John Juanda, who are not only MCOP regulars, but also quite active around poker in all its forms and competitions.

There will be quite a few events to enter and the buy-ins will range from €3,250 and €25,500, with a few exceptions, putting the event on the higher end of poker festivals, with substantial funds required to play. Nevertheless, this won’t bite in the enthusiasm of regional players and overseas competitors.

The Main Event is one of the longest-standing ones not only in the history of the game, but also that of the tournament. More interestingly about MCOP, though, is the fact that the Main Event will have two different starting dates and the whole action will last five days.

With two high roller events and four PLO tournaments, MCOP is well prepared to cater to all tastes. On November 21, players will be allowed to enjoy the €550 re-entry tournament. Going to the really pricey action, we need to mention the €10,3000 High Roller, which will be played on November 29.

Going after the Big Money

The prize funds are also not quite negligible, ranging from €200,000 and €600,000 for the high roller events, although the total amount will depend on how many players turn out and participate in the end. The lowest buy-ins people can pay to participate, though are €330 and they apply only for Satellite Main Event Day 1B Single Re-Entry held on several different days.

Though the names of participants are not known just now, there have been quite a few notable figures from the world of poker over the past few years. Joris Rujis won the High Roller event in 2017. He played against such notable pros, such as Markus Durnegger, Ivan Luca, and Martin Kabrhel, alongside many other varied professionals.

More professionals will be rolling in, too, with Claas Segebrecht, Bart Lybaert, Igor Yaroshevskyy, and Josh Juanda all lining up to hit the felt and add their claims to the various big pots. The MCOP is one of the most notable poker festivals in Europe and it’s definitely worth attending by professional and amateur alike.