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Neymar Jr., PokerStars ambassador and soccer player, got a bit too excessive this past weekend.  After the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic gold medal celebration, the player got involved in an incident and could be in trouble with his poker sponsor.

On Saturday, during the final against Germany, Neymar scored the pivotal penalty, that gave the Brazilthe gold medal at the Olympics 2016. The home crowd was off course in a jubilant mood, but one supporter had an issue with Neymar.

The man captured Neymar’s attention, after gesturing at the player from the public. Neymar got infuriated and unleashed a verbal tirade. The stadium security personnel had to quickly pull the player away from the supporter after the situation got heated.

After the scandal involving the swimmer Ryan Lochte, one would think that other athletes would be extra careful regarding their behaviour, however it doesn’t seem to be the case.

The incident was caught on video, unfortunately for Neymar. According to rough translation Neymar implied something about “taking it somewhere else” and something like “this is f*cking Brazil”.

Back in 2015, the young player was also involved in an incident with a supporter, who accused the player of diving. In both cases, words were exchanged and the player got pulled away to prevent the incident to get out of control.

The question is, will Neymar’s behaviour affect his position at PokerStars?

PokerStars has always enforce codes of conduct on both participants of live events and sponsored players. So, the answer is: it might get Neymar into hot waters.

In 2014, Micheal Josem, Head of PR at PokerStars wrote on a forum that player’s online actions could possibly exclude them from joining a PokerStar’s event.

“PokerStars and The European Poker Tour agree with the general principle that we should use what we know about online activity to also enhance the integrity of our live events,” wrote Josem.

During the 2014 World Cup, Dale Philip, former member  of PokerStars Team Online, parted ways with PokerStars after a soccer-related outburst.

Even Though Neymar is a more important asset to PokerStars than Phillip, his behavior was not in line with PokerStars’ code of conduct.