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The undoubtedly talented soccer player Neymar Jr, is one of soccer’s greatest star and he has even show some skills outside of the football field and at the poker tables. But nobody can be talented at everything. Recently Neymar released his first online music video,  and let’s just say, he’s vocal abilities are not at the level of his abilities in the field.

The young Brazilian is known for his love for music, he is often on stage singing with a number of artists whenever he can take some time off and visit friends and family in Brazil. He even appeared on stage with Michel Teló, Brazil’s biggest pop star.

Judging by his latest self-created video release, the player’s bleached blond hair (Ryan Lochte style) is not bringing him any more smart decisions than it did to Lochte.

A new Musician is Born: Neymusico

Earlier this week, Neymar announced on Twitter the news of this new project, titled “Neymusico”. Via his Facebook page the Brazilian released a teaser video of his first song “I need”, but based on his performance, it might be just a publicity stunt.

Joke or not, his video has reached over 6 million views in just a couple of days. In fact, PokerStars has been trying to tap into this global fan base ever since they signed the poker enthusiast.

Signing contracts with world known mainstream stars such as Neymar, has been a PR strategy of many operators.

Poker and Music: a Love Affair

The Brit Dave “Devilfish” Illiott, was never far from a microphone either. At the felt, the player used to entertain his colleagues and he even recorded a song. At the table,  Marcel Luske often had musical outbursts too. And at the 2009 WSOP, Prahlad Friedman performed a self-penned rap for ESPN’s coverage.

The love affair goes beyond poker pro with vocal abilities, established artists have also incorporated poker references in their songs. Like when the Finnish group Teflon Brothers had online star Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies on their rap video.

Finally, SrslySiruius’ parodies on top stores of the poker world can’t be forgotten. SrslySirius created some of the most entertaining poker songs of recent times.

Neymar might not become a Hot 100 hit singer, but we’re curious not know if he can carve a niche in the music industry like he did in the poker industry.