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As the sponsor of many major live tournaments and the world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, announces its biggest live tourney in recent years.

For everyone who likes competing in live events sponsored by the online poker site, big change are on the rise, according to a PokerStars blog on August 24 by Brad Willis.

According to Willis:

“It will forever change the way you look at PokerStars live events”.

First of all, beginning in 2017, the PokerStars Festival and the PokerStars Championship, will operate as two separate tours. On the poker circuit, the PokerStars Championship has been very popular as it was previously called the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA).

Just as its predecessor did, the Bahamas will be the first destination for the PokerStars Championship.

While watching the Caribbean sunset with a alcoholic beverage and relaxing at the beach, the Bahamas is the perfect location for poker players to shake off their sick bad beats.

Moreover, according to PokerStars’ blog posts, the tour will make stops in cities as Panama, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Macau. However, the schedule of the new PokerStars Championship tour hasn’t been released yet. Although more information will be released in coming months, we are certain that most tour events will be capped off with a $5,000 Main Event and will last 10-11 days.

Average Joe Tournaments

In comparison to the above events, the PokerStars Festival Tournaments will be affordable for the average poker player. With a duration of six to seven days per series, the main events will have buy-ins from $1,000 to $1,500.

The Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City will be the host for the initial PokerStars Festival that runs from October 29 until November 6. The Main Event has a buy-in of $1,100 and runs November 1-5.

Since PokerStars re-entered the US market for the first time since April 2011 in New Jersey, this State will be the perfect place to kick off the new poker tour. This inaugural event will be attended by PokerStars pros, such as Jason Somerville, Vanessa Selbst and Chris Moneymaker.

The second PokerStars Festival Series will be hosted in London. At this time, dates and event details aren’t available. This season, PokerStars’ goal was to also reflect on their expansion into the online casino realm. Therefore the festivals will offer other casino game tournaments, including roulette, slots and blackjack.