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CEO Alex Dreyfus made some announcements to drum up interest for the start of the Global Poker League (GPL) with second leg of the league kicking off next week.

Some new facets to the league were thrown out by Dreyfus on Facebook as the league kicks off next week Tuesday, September 20.

Alex Dreyfus announced a few change before the second part of the GPL gets underway.

To help its marketing efforts, a mobile app is necessary for every business and organization in today’s world. The first mobile app of the GPL will launch next week for Android and iOS mobile devices.

“The new app will be similar to MLB At-Bat and other sports mobile apps that allow users to get updates on matches, news, videos, and stats. Fans can even watch replays of completed matches.”

Imperative to Dreyfu’s success is spreading the word to generate interest in the league. However, growing the league will take time as Dreyfus admits himself.

New Host

The WSOP Main Event final table that kick off at the end of October will get a new commentator as Griffin Benger recently announced to step down for his position. This so he could focus on playing himself.

Instead, the league will use a numerous amount of poker accounts, such as Jonathan Little. This was announced by Dreyfus in his Facebook blog post.

Las Vegas will be the host for the playoffs that are scheduled from November 29 to December 1.

GPL Kick Off, September 20

With playoff races heating up, the second half of the GPL will start on September 20. The Eurasia Conference is lead by the Moscow Wolverines with 122 points and the Americas Conference is lead by the Montreal Nationals with 145 points.

Although the Montreal Nationals are the great favorite to win the league, there’s another team within striking distance at 134 points. This team is lead by Maria Ho and Olivier Busquet, namely the LA Sunset team.

With 109 points the London Royals still make a good chance on winning the Eurasia Conference over the Moscow Wolverines. With 108 points the Hong Kong Stars aren’t too far behind either.

With less than 100 points, The Berlin Bears, Rome Emperors and The Las Vegas Moneymakers are among the teams that need a miracle to still make the playoffs.

Let’s hope poker fans pay attention to the upcoming matches so Dreyfus’ attempt to “sportify” poker with the GPL continues.