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As the online poker market gets more and more competitive, it’s up to gaming brands to come up with new and interesting ways to entertain players – and, that’s exactly what partypoker has just done. The popular online poker brand has recently relaunched its mobile app, and it’s full of exciting new features that will definitely keep players amused.

One of the first things that players will notice are the Diamonds – partypoker’s new social currency. As is the case in any other social game, Diamonds can be earned simply by playing hands. However, as the site introduces new features such as missions, there will be other ways for players to accumulate Diamonds.

Using your Diamonds, you can purchase all sorts of in-game items. One of the most popular among players so far seems to be option for buy items that you can actually throw at other opponents.

You’ll also be able engage in rabbit hunting – something that you’d never be allowed to do in any real-money poker app. After a hand is over or after you’ve folded, you can look at what cards would have been dealt to see what might have happened.

Team partypoker member Sam Trickett has reviewed the app, and seems quite pleased so far:

“Overall the product is more social-friendly and benefits from richer graphics, animations and sounds, while design features such as a new centralised ‘raise bar’ and redesigned hand replayer I feel make for a more improved poker experience.”

Portrait Mode Now Available

Another novel new feature has been introduced in the new partypoker mobile app – portrait mode! This allows players to play using just one hand, like they would in most other mobile games nowadays.

Portrait mode is not at all common in the online poker world, so this really sets partypoker apart from the competition. Now that this brand has done it, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other leaders in the online poker world following suit.

Another interesting thing about portrait mode is that you can actually multi-table. You might think that there wouldn’t be enough space on the screen, but partypoker has managed to figure out a solution. Your active hands are displayed along the top of the screen, allowing you to easily toggle between up to four tables at once.

There are going to be more updates to come from partypoker’s new mobile app. We can’t wait to see what exciting new features are in store!