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In Las Vegas the Day Two of the Aria Super High Roller Bowl ended with not-so-well-known names topping the leaderboard and some famous players headed to the exits. On the tournament’s second day, Daniel Negreanu started with a big stack but had a bad run of cards.

Negreanu lost an all-in pre-flop pot to Kathy Lehne and in the very next hand he found himself in a race against Erik Seidel for all his chips. His pocket deuces wasn’t enough and he lost it.

On the other hand, Seidel had quite a day. On Day One Seidel was up and down, mostly down, but on Day Two he picked up some steam. On Day Three he started, with 1,299,000, in second place.

Matt Berkey is, however, the chip leader and no one is even close to him. Berkey has 2,816,000 chips with two days remaining in the event.

For most casual poker fans, Berkey is unknown, but he has a successful poker career. Berkey got to the top of the event mostly by catching Tom Marchese bluffing in a huge pot.

There are 16 players left on Day Three and after Day Three the tournament will be down to its 7 finalists. The final will be on Wednesday and the winner will get a $5 million prize.

Old School vs. New School

Recently, there has been a debate on Twitter about the skills of old school players versus new school players. Some old school pros are still dominating poker tables, even though some players of the new generation believe older players are less skilled.

Although, Negreanu didn’t make it to Day Three, some of names from the “poker boom” did. Erik Seidel, for instance, is second in chips. Seidel still is one of the most consistent and talented poker players and hasn’t been fazed by new school players. Phill Hellmuth is also doing well, with 936,000 chips.