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In the state of Nebraska, most games of chance are illegal but it seems like things are changing. Soon, poker in Nebraska could be more than just a home game. In 2015, State Senator Tyson Larson made a legislative effort to legalize poker in clubs and bars in the Cornhusker State but the bill was slapped down.


However, according to a recent survey, 58 % of Nebraskans support casino gambling. Although this research was conducted by a group in favor of the legalization of gambling and such studies tend to phrase questions in a way to get desired answers.

“Keep the Money in Nebraska” is the name of the group and, as it suggests, advocates for gambling legalization to avoid Nebraskans leaving to other states, such as Iowa, to play. Since the 1980s, the Hawkeye States offers casinos and it has sucked the Nebraska racing industry dry.

The group was initiated by stakeholders in the racing industry, such as the Winnebago of Nebraska, owner of the Atokad Park and surprisingly the WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Iowa.

“Keep the Money in Nebraska” has raised 310.000 signatures, more than the double of the amount of signatures necessary to trigger a referendum in November.


Players who want to play poker in their own state might have a shot of doing so.

Voters of Nebraska have repeatedly rejected gambling expansion, so it is most likely the casino movement will meet opposition. In fact, groups against gambling are trying to take a legal effort to keep it off of the ballot.