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After taking out a lawsuit against a failed poker company, the 2008 European Poker Tour (EPT) Champion, Glen Chorny, is now looking to recoup some of his bankroll.

He won the EPT Grand Final title for $3,196,354 after he overcome Isaac Baron, Luca Pagano en Antonion Esfandiari- being a Canadian poker pro.

Chrony couldn’t stay at the top of the poker tree although he still had a handful of deep runs following his EPT into events with $10,000+ buyin.

Wrong Business Backed by Chorny

Chorny decided to invest his money in what seemed to be an lucrative opportunity after collecting more than $3 million in prize money in the poker industry before 2008.

Chorny was promised a 10 percent net of a $2 million-a-day haul by Philippe A. Rouas, the founder of the poker-themed social media site- this according the lawsuit he has against Poker World Society Inc.

‘Sold on the idea and more than a million dollars into the investment, Chorny claims the business failed to deliver what was promised and ceased operations at some point between 2009 and 2010.’

In an effort to recoup his losses, Chorny has since that time been battling against this enormous form of mismanagement and misinformation.

Chorny definitely feels that he lost his money unfarily to Rouas and Poker World Society Inc. and therefore just recently visited the Marion Superior Court to file a lawsuit against the corporation.

Soon to Come: Poker Battle

There’s certainly no doubt that Rouas made it look like a fabulous enterprise, regardless of the much-hyped and the ins and outs of Poker World Society Inc.

In Cannes you could see a host of big name poker pro’s partying like rock stars, when you look back at a PokerNews interview from 2008 with the ‘Poker Battle Warriors’.

There was certainly no expense spared on the pre-launch party as we saw plenty of poker pro’s walking down the red carpet, like David Benyamin and Chris Ferguson.

Now we know that the pre-launch party may have been premature as the site only shows: ‘coming soon’.