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The civil lawsuit filed against Mike Postle and other defendants is facing serious delays as it makes its way through the court system of the United States, testing the patience of the poker community and everyone else eager to know the truth.

The final outcome of the story that broke in September 2019, when Veronica Brill first aired her strong suspicions that something in the way a relatively unknown player in the poker world, Mike Postle, was playing and winning almost every hand in small stakes livestreamed cash games in Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Hill, CA and raised the issue of the integrity of the game among players, fans and casino establishments, is now being delayed as all defendants responses face postponements until mid-March.

But the story did not break out easily, even after Brill signalled some officials in the Stones that it was possibly inhuman to achieve such a VPIP and run into this god-like mode, until she decided to contact the person that might have an interest in a brewing poker scandal, Joey Ingram, who on his turn chose a 5-hour stream of Postle’s play and fired it up to his fans.

Soon after every single hand was combed through by Ingram and co, Ingram asked for the opinion of two other high-profile players to help him confirm or reject his suspicions of cheating, Haralabos Voulgaris and Scott Seiver, and then the story became full blown out into the public.

Calculating hand by hand, the group of fans and players around Ingram found out Postle had won almost $250,000 by playing just $1/$3 and $2/$5 cash games, a win rate that placed him so far off the scale as an outlier that it left no doubt something fishy had happened.

On February 26, on behalf of Brill and the other 24 plaintiffs that filed the $10 million lawsuit against Mike Postle, Justin Kuraitis and King’s Casino, Mac VerStandig of the VerStandig Law Firm filed two documents with the US District Court of the Eastern District of California, to allow more time for the defendants to respond to the complaint.

As Postle did not even acknowledge he had been served his court papers until January 8, and weeks later becoming clear he still had no representation for the case, the plaintiffs are now asking the court to agree to extend further the initial delayed February 26 date to March 24 so that he may respond to the complaint, stipulating that the defendant cannot file a response before March 4.

The law firm representing the plaintiffs asks for further delays for the other 2 plaintiffs, Justin Kuraitis, the former tournament director at Stones Gambling Hall, and King’s Casino, the owner of the gambling hall in Citrus Hill, to March 13, with the currently asked delays being third and fourth, respectively.

Hopefully, there will be no more delays and the poker community will have a reasonable explanation how it is possible to crush the tables on a regular basis by winning almost every hand and consistently run in the top 95% of the statistical probability, but only during livestreamed cash games.