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PokerStars has announced the schedule for the upcoming MicoMillions 14 competitive pow-wow where contenders will stand a chance to notch up $1 million during the Main Event. The minimum amount that the winner can add to their bankroll is $100,000, making it an overall respectable sum.

MicroMillions – Transcending National Borders

MicroMillions may not be an exclusive US affair, but the tournament has established itself quite well and its footprint is distinguishable across the whole of the poker world. The competition is taking place from July 16 through July 29 with the event appealing to low-budget players in particular.

But money is not all that you can win out of this competition. You can add more to it, by notching up two $30,000 Platinum Passes that will see you compete next year as well. And $30,000 is a lot of money to have stashed away if you feel serious about poker.

The free pass will allow you to participate in the $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Player’s No-Limit Hold’em
, with $5,000 of leftover money to enjoy yourself the tropical sun. The MicroMillions is an outstanding even in its own right, too! It offers 121 total events, which will see you play for as little as $0.11 and up to $22. It’s your chance to turn some loose change into solid bankroll.

A Look into the Past

The previous iteration of the event managed to add a total of 85,090 players readily flocking to the venue. More remarkably still, 69,011 of these entries were first-timers, with 16,079 coming back for more action. The total prize pool at the time soared up to $1,701,800 and the lucky individual was one ElCheikh from the Netherlands, who managed to walk away with nearly $96,000. Now, that’s some money.

Microgaming is planning to expand rapidly across Southern Europe, too, where you will be able to participate in events that offer you an entry fee of around $0.75 – $75. The prize pool, though, is quite significant at $2 million, although you will have fewer events to participate in – 87 in total.

Understandably, we aren’t used to globe-trotting much, especially when it comes to poker. The US has been leading the way in terms of poker competitions that readily cater to our tastes and it’s usually been Europeans who had to leg it all the way overseas to participate in some of the world’s best events available.

Not Much Has Changed, Though

Indeed, the MicroMillions tournament is setting a great precedent. By bringing more competitions around the globe, poker is enjoyed an unprecedented popularity. While it’s understandable why more local events should be in place so that players can feel comfortable playing, it’s also a great thing to have Europe as well-developed in terms of poker opportunities as America’s main events.

If you are eager to finally have a look at the schedule, just make sure to check MicroMIllion’s official website for more details on that. As the MicroMillion competition is about to begin, we’re excited to find out who will make it into the next stage of the competition.