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In order to boost France’s declining online gambling industry, an online poker liquidity sharing deal has been finalized between France and other European countries.

This digital bill could bring the country more gambling revenue, after revenues have been on the downfall in recent years.

Licensed sites located in other European countries and jurisdictions, can now be used by French poker players after the bill’s passage.

Poker players in France were previously only able to play against those visiting their country or fellow countrymen.

In section 3, fighting gambling addiction is another focus of the bill. This serious disease will be combated by the country’s new measures. On of the main reasons some countries refuse to legalize online poker is that online gambling potentially causes a gambling addiction.

Within 15 days the bill will be put into action by the President of France, Francois Hollande. From that moment on, France will begin sharing revenues with other European nations and French poker players will get to compete against other European players.

More on the Bill

After President Hollande signs the bill into law, France will begin to regulate eSports tournaments. This is in contrast with regulation in many other countries.

eSports league  will now be protected under law. The government will regulate all games.

“Hollande, as is the case with any bill approved by France’s Senate and National Assembly, doesn’t have to sign the bill. He can still decide against passing it into law. But there are no indications suggesting his plans are to do anything but sign the bill.”

Who is Next?

For over a year lawmakers in Pennsylvania have been fighting hard to legalize online gambling and becoming the fourth US state to do so.

On a smaller scale, Pennsylvania could get the same benefits from a similar passing of the bill as in France.