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Poker pro, Mike Matusow, is known for being outspoken and he is even called “The Mouth”. Recently, the player has been living up to his nickname on Twitter, including a debate with Mark Cuban.

Matusow, a Trump supported, did not like Mark Cuban’s comment on twitter:

“Why is it 95pct of Trump Supporters won’t show their faces in their pics? The country loves Trump right? Come out of the twitter basement,” Cuban started.

“They don’t want to be called racist mysagonist or homophobes same reason nov 8 silent majority will rise”, responded the WSOP bracelet winner, misspelling some of the words.

The reality TV star and billionaire businessman officially endorsed Hillary for president and on social media, he is one of her biggest supporters.
Not only Matusow did not like Cuban’s comments, fans of Shark Tank, Mavericks have also criticized Cuban for his pro-Hillary comments.

Hillary’s Email Controversy

During her first term as Secretary of State, Hillary used her private email to deal with official communication, some of which was classified as secret or top secret. Some considered this “corruption”, mostly because some emails were deleted and the presidential candidate lied about it.

Matusow twitted about this as well:

“dude!! BLEACH BIT EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE SHE WIPED HER SERVER!! I mean common buddy wake-up she is corrupt!!#neverhillary,” wrote the poker pro directed at Cuban.

The software BleachBit frees up hard drive space by deleting files, and making it almost unrecoverable.

The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton were also accused of using the Clinton Foundation to exchange contribution for political favors.

On this matter, the poker pro also directed a tweet to the Dallas Mavericks owner:

“@mcuban you cant make this (bleep) up more and more obvious corruption? Come on over the to Trump train save face!!,” he wrote, with grammar and spelling mistakes.

“@mcuban I really like you & respect you but you need to see through the lies lies lies don’t let her take you down come to Trum Train #maga” twitted Matusow.

On November 8, voters will decide who will become the new president. According to recent polls Hillary remains favorite to win. Matusow will not be happy if this is the case.