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PokerStars Chest

After initial announcement back in April that Pokerstars will be overhauling its reward programs, very little in terms of specifics were actually released. Players were left speculating as to what the new program maybe, and what new offers were on the table. Finally, on May 17th, PokerStars announced the new personalized rewards program, dubbed Stars Rewards, will be going live later this month.

The More You Play, The Bigger Your Chest Reward

Stars Rewards revolves around a concept familiar to those who have played video games like Overwatch or Hearthstone. In essence, the more real money participation you make in any poker, casino games or betting sports, the bigger your personalized chest will be. This is a notable change compared to the previous system, where players were rewarded with a fixed amount of Star Coins.

“Stars Rewards is an integrated rewards program that will offer an exciting, personalised gaming experience that rewards players for their play in poker, casino, and sports (where available) making every game count.” Said Rasset, Director of Poker Innovation and Operations for PokerStars

A chest will become available once the progress bar, which is filled as you play more real money games, is full. Once the Chest is unlocked, you can open it at anytime.

The top prizes inside will vary between $1,000 in cold hard cash, 1,000,000 StarsCoin, or a PokerStars Championship package worth thousands of dollars or, if you are a sports bettor, a big bet for an upcoming match. This will change on a regular basis, but each Chest represents a big change at something juicy!

The personalized rewards, as the name suggest, is tailored specifically to your play style. So depending on what you did most to charge up the fuel bar to unlock the chest, the personalized reward will reflect upon that. So if you’re predominantly a tournament player, you’ll be rewarded with tournament based prizes such as tournament tickets or money. Similarly, if you’re mostly a sports-bettor, you’ll then be rewarded with free bets.

Super Boost Your Way To A Chest

For those running a little low in the patience department, there are ways to get your hands on the treasure chest a little quicker than others. You can double the speed at which the progress bar fills up for a short period of time whenever you play via “boost”, a special feather specifically designed to reward players who play more frequently and on consecutive days.

It looks to be a great new reward system and players in Denmark should be looking forward to it.