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Los Angeles is about to get its own piece of poker action. The upcoming Los Angeles Poker Open (LAPO) is ready to kick off with the venue already prepared to host the event from November 2 through November 18.

Two Weeks of LA Poker Maddens

With the LAPO approaching at a steady pace, we have a few days before the first game kicks off on November 2. The festival will come with a number of noteworthy events crafted and organized specifically to accommodate the needs of local and national poker aficionados.

The event is run by Matt Savage and Justin Hammer who have took pains to throw a proper tournament. The 16-day LAPO will be held at the Commerce Casino in California, and the festival will experiment with different formats, including the Jacked Stack, with the Casino’s schedule has already been posted up here.

Those unfamiliar with Jacked Stack should familiarize with the rules ahead of the actual event, with this specific game tournament taking places on November 6 and continuing until November 10.

With a buy-in of $240, the entry level is not too steep to clear and the potential $200,000 money guarantee is reason enough for any player to give it an honest shot.

Players will be given a complete freedom to enter as many games as they wish with a small condition – only the highest stack they manage to amass will be taken into Day 2 of the competition.

With this in mind, Jacked Stack has been shaping up as one of the most brilliant solutions for poker fans who, according to the hosts, have been clamoring for a better-structured type of event, which will now be available in Los Angeles.

Jacked Stack Is Here to Stay

Both Savage and Hammer took extra efforts to create a tournament that will allow maximum flexibility for players. The pair proclaims that the Jacked Stack is a perfect solution and caters to the needs of the crowd that will attend the event.

Jack will offer a lot of chips, adding some versatility to the gameplay. But it’s not just the flexibility of the event that is worth mentioning here. The inaugural event will be worth only $175, but the prize pool that gamers can potentially win will soar to $50,000 in guaranteed cash, plus whatever extra is accumulated through buy-ins.

The hosts have predicted a number of Pot Limit and Hi/Low Omaha Poker events, which will help them create a more diversified offer that will strike home with players from all stripes. Matt Savage has been known in the past to theorize about potential poker formats, too.

On top of everything shared so far, there is also going to be a “NLHE 6 Hours and Time’s Up Bounty”, which is a time-sensitive tournament whereby players will compete in 15-minute levels, progressing forth to a more specific format.

When the time is up, the player with the most chips will win. Settling down a proper poker tour requires a Main Event, of course. LOPA doesn’t let the side down by introducing $500,000 in guaranteed prizing, which will only increase given the interest.

However, the $1,100 buy-in could potentially make it difficult for entrants to cover the threshold, though the hosts feel quite comfortable in allocating a substantial sum to back it.