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The Los Angeles Poker Open (LAPO) has found a winner at the Commerce Casino, concluding a heated session of high-skilled plays and managing to bring in a lot of local talent.

LAPO Wraps Up Activities Successfully

The much-ballyhooed Los Angeles Poker Open festival has come to an end, held at the Commerce Casino the Sunday on November 18. In the end, it was Alex Massman who managed to outdo his opponents and bite off the juiciest chunk of the fund, with $136,000 going his way. Apart from the title, he has de facto secured himself a way into the 2019 LAPC WPT Main Event Championship.

His victory was a hard-fought one as he had to overcome well over 700 entries in order to secure the coveted first place. In the nearly three weeks of competition between November 2 through November 18, the LAPO dished out well over $500,000 in prizing money, making it one of the more significant tournaments around this time of year.

Massman wasn’t always leading the pack either, with challenges continuously piling up against him and he struggling to blast his way from 14th position to the very top. And so, the final table was a tough piece of action with 9 players making it there, and all very much determined to win, leaving their opponents no chance to adjust and match the fast-paced rhythm of the game.

The runner-up, Adam Demersseman performed rather well, too, even if he failed to keep up with Massman, finishing second with $90,340 going his way. Robert Schmidt fought well and ended up third, walking away with a still respectable prize worth $66,000.

Going further down the rank list, we had Antonio Mallol Heredia, bagging almost $50,000 and adding them to his own name. Thomas Zanot made it to fifth place and won $37,400. Cody Bell, a name you have heard about if you have been following us, managed sixth place with $28,500.

Nikhil Gera ended with $22,000, followed by Elvis Toomas in the eighth place for $17,200, and lastly- Abbas Dehaghi for $13,600.

Some of the players present did have very modest winnings prior to participating in the LAPO, with Demersseman’s lifetime winnings going up twice after his $90,000-victory.

The final action wasn’t so intent as soon as there were only three people standing. Schmidt seemed to hold up well, and he was poised to dominate the field, but then Massman managed to stop him in his tracks, giving the eventual winner of the race a 3:1 chip lead to Demersseman who didn’t hold out much against the continuous barrage of Massman.

Having concluded a successful round, the Los Angeles Poker Open (LAPO) is more than likely to return for another taste of the action next year and establish the festival as a tradition with a broader appeal, and certainly an even bigger prize pool.

The festival did see a number of other players also cash out, although they didn’t make it very far in the Main Event itself. With prizes ranging from $3,000 to $5,000, there were quite a few winners over the past three weeks.