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A $250 last longer bet for the Colossus II was organized by Ben Keeline over a month ago.

After winning a WSOP gold bracelet and $1,000,000 Keeline won that same $250 bet- today.

He won the massive $565 buy-in tournament after outlasting all 21,613 entries. Remember that Keeline normally is a part-time driver for Uber in Boulder, CO.

After running kings into aces Keeling had a major setback at Day 1 when he was down to just one 500 chip.

After winning Keeline said:

‘I’m elated’. I can’t even think about what this means, not just the money, but the gold bracelet. This is something I could not have imagined could happen just a few days ago.’

‘Sure, I thought it could happen and I thought I could win if I played well, but to have it go the way it went, well- that’s more than I can express how I feel right now.’

‘It’s going to take some time for this to all sink in’.

Just a reminder: An extra $6,750 was handed out as the last longer bet counted 27 players.

2nd place for Jiri Horak from Chech Republic

He heads-up match was between the Czech Republic’s Jiri Horak and Keeline.

Finally Keeline went all in with J♣ J♠ against Horak’s A 9♣ after trading the chip lead several times.

Both players then believed that they won as the board ran out 9♥ 7 3♥ 5♥ A♥. Then Horak realized he had to settle for second place as he spotted the spade flush.

This meant that the $1 million would go to Keeline!

Thanks to a more top-heave structure this year Keeling walked away with a bigger payout, although the Colossus II may have been slightly smaller than the Colosuss in 2015.

Players from 89 different countries were attracted to this year’s addition.

Jiri Horak ended in 2nd place with $618,000 followed by Farhad Davoudzadeh with $462,749 and Richard Carr with $348,962.