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In a recent interview, Jennifer Tilly, poker player and actress, said that even though the poker industry is a male-dominated world, she wouldn’t have it any other way. In the poker world, Tilly has been a leading personality for more than a decade.

In 2005, the almost 58-years-old actress, won the Ladies Events at the WSOP and left the event $158,335 richer. After the win, the actress who claims to have appeared in 79 movies, was able to stop acting and sharpen her poker skills.

Tilly does not attend all big tournaments, differently than other Hollywood stars who’ve taken up the game, but she is always noticed when she does attend.

Tilly is known as the older sex kitten of the felt, and while Hollywood actors like Toby Maguire and Ben Affleck try to scruff it up to avoid the “pretty boy” labels, Tilly has embraced her label. Often you can find Tilly wearing low-cut tops during the course of an event.

During her poker career, Tilly has own about $1 million, but stopping is not yet in her plans. Last week, talking to author Nick Sortal, Tilly admitted that she considers herself more of a poker player than an actress.

“I’m in the enviable position where I don’t have to work if I don’t want to. I used to be in a lot of movies that weren’t any good just so I could pay the plumbing bill.”

Tilly explained that participating in tournaments is a way for her to do something she loves while appearing on television at the same time.

Tilly also revealed that “looking nice” at the table is also part of her overall strategy, as she’s aware that every advantages counts. Tilly doesn’t have the reservations that other female players have, who try to move away from exploiting their “assets”.

Tilly’s willingness to embrace it has, in fact, made her the poker player persona that she is today and help her earn not only victories but also a place in the poker industry’s  spotlight.