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This week, the 30-year old poker pro James Mackey won the WPT Choctaw, which was the first major poker tournament since the WSOP came to an end last month. With his first career tour victory and the cash prize of $681,758, he joined the WPT Champions Club.

In lifetime live poker tournament winnings, the Nevada resident now has more than $3,5 million in stock. Since his victory of the WSOP bracelet and a cash prize of $730,740 in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em, this was his first major tournament title.

In the heads up for the title Mackey defeated Benjamin Zamani. He couldn’t let the opportunity pass to express a little bit of joy on Twitter:

“Winner! Feels amazing to finally win a WPT after playing them for 10 years. Congrats to Ben on second he played great”, Mackey posted.

With a slight chip advantage over Zamani, the eventual champ started the heads-up play. After just 36 hands Mackey put an end to his opponent’s struggle, who didn’t pick up many hands, and overall beat 1,066 players in the tournament.

Heads-up Play

With 5♣5♠ Zamani limped on the button, on the final hand of heads up-play (36th hand). Mackey raised to 1,000,000 with his 300,000 big blind with 88. Even pocked fives are monster hands in heads-up play. A quick call from Zamani followed after Mackey decided to shove his remaining 7.4 million chips into the pot.

Zamani got some hope when the flop ran out 8♠76♠. On the turn the J♠, where he was hoping for a straight. To hit double-up Zamani was now in the need for an open-ended straight or another spade to chop. However, the 6 turned over on the river, after which the former WSOP bracelet winner and WPT champ was done, game over.